6R: home learning: 23/2: Maths

Please watch the main teach video, then complete either bronze or silver before moving onto Gold/Reasoning! Once complete, go onto mathletics and complete the task that you have been set!

Jemison: Use this website to help you:



Start either on Bronze or Silver before making your way to Gold!



Gold – use the inverse to challenge yourself!

Task 2: You have been set a Similar task on Mathletics, this is only 10 questions long so please ensure that you complete it!

Hand in work here:


40 thoughts on “6R: home learning: 23/2: Maths

  1. Swift 6:

    1. 4.158 add 3.099 equals 10,00

    2. 76,424 add 69,008 equals 700

    3. 88 divied by equals 11

    4. 53 take away 29 equals 50

    5. 840 divied by 40 equals 1

    6. 5

    • Oliwier please look at your work again, some of your answers are wrong. When multiplying in powers of 10, move digits to your left. Answers get bigger not smaller. Use place value grid to help you.

    • Good, just remember we don’t use the formal written method for multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. Find a method that works for you. For example, I visualise the decimal place moving and add in place value holders. Some people draw out a place value chart and move the numbers.

      • Rules I will write for multiplying 10 , 100 and 1000 :
        1. Look at how many zeros there are in the divisor .
        2. How many zeros there are in the divisor that’s how many you have to move to the left .
        3. Add place holders if there are no numbers after the ones column.

    • Jawariyah please have another go at gold. You multiply by original number. E.G if 203 is original number you first 203 X10 ,next 203×100 then 203×1000. recheck if you have used inverse correctly for last few numbers. You can join in support session at 12:30 to go through gold task.
      Swift 6 are all correct. :-D

    • Laiba we discussed this during register zoom. There are two support sessions you can join
      One with Mrs Janjua at 10:30 or another one with Miss Cochrane at 12:30 .

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