6Red Visit University of Warwick

Today 6 Red visited Warwick Art Centre where they got the opportunity to take part in different activities as well as learning about university life. Throughout the day each group was accompanied by representatives from Warwick University where they talked about sculptures, Gods and Goddesses, 3D Printing and understanding what it is like at university. The children had fun and learned about how the sessions linked to science and art.

Well done your behaviour was fantastic and you represented the school brilliantly.

Have a look at what you did today and please leave a comment about what you enjoyed. Did this trip inspire you to go to University when you get older? What would you study?

9 thoughts on “6Red Visit University of Warwick

  1. I really enjoyed the trip.I especially enjoyed using the 3D printer because we have never used or seen a 3D printer before and it was really interesting.I created a chicken.Also,I liked looking at the sculptures and accommodations.I want to go to Warwick University!

  2. I really enjoyed this trip because we got to see so many sculptures and the meaning behind it. One of the sculpture was called needle of knowledge which means try to reach your target. When I’m older I would like to go university.

  3. This bewildering trip gave me memories of a lifetime, this trip really influenced me go to an university when i’m older because of all the inspiring structures. The thing I really enjoyed the most is using the computer to design a 3D model ,in other words additive manufacturing, on TINKERCAD. I would like to study Maths.

  4. I really enjoyed the trip to the Warwick art centre as we got to explore and interpret each sculpture around Warwick university.An example was the needle of knowledge which I thought meant the sky is the limit as it was pointy.So when I’m older I would like to go to warwick university.

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