6R’s Week of inspirational Maths

Every morning, we will start our day with a creative Maths challenge, in order to develop our maths knowledge and fuel our growth mindset.

Session 1 : Building shapes

What tips did we learn? Which school value did you need during this learning?

Session 2 : Toothpick challenge (Identifying patterns)

What was the rule you applied? (algebraic formula)

Session 3: Pascal’s triangles

Is there only one way to find an answer to a problem?

9 thoughts on “6R’s Week of inspirational Maths

  1. So far the week has been great and I have learnt many things.
    On Monday we used the value of teamwork.
    On Tuesday the formula used was the amount of toothpicks in one row +1 x the amount of toothpicks in the row then the answer x2 is how much toothpicks were used to create the column. e.g. ((2+1) x 2 = 6)x2 =12

  2. What tips have you learnt?
    So today the tips that I have learnt in the maths lesson are, to start with a small version of the problem so you can understand It easier.

  3. What tips did we learn?
    We used resilience to make more than 1 shape. To make a modelled shape it requires teamwork . We had to talk about the length of the the shape and angle.we used communication to make the shape and build it up and borrow ideas from a group. Aayan S. , Steven , Raess , Safwan

  4. What tips did we learn?
    The tips we learnt were: to start with a smaller shape to help you, to use a ruler to measure the rope.

    By Saira, Mishal and Rahaniya.

  5. This was a fun experience, making shapes with ropes was a good lesson to learn and a help to gain teamwork resilience and communication.

    What tips did we learn?
    Accuracy is key. A tip is you have to make sure that the lines are equal.

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