6S Graduates of the Week!


Well done to the graduates of the week in 6S!

Nasim is our maths graduate this week. He has made some fantastic improvements in his mental maths score by making more useful jottings during the test. Well done Nasim :)

Junior is our writing graduate this week. He has shown real dedication to his writing this week and has been completing work and attempting challenges within lessons. Well done Junior :)

Serish is our reading graduate this week. She has shown an excellent understanding when studying visual literacy this week and has made some powerful comments to move the learning on. Well done Serish :)

Maryam H is our positive attitude graduate this week. She is a hardworking, polite and conscientious member of the class who is always ready to put 100% effort into her work. Well done Maryam :)

Now the challenge is set for the rest of 6S to try and become a graduate next week!


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