6W – 15.7 – Memories

Hi 6White,

I cannot believe that it is the final couple of days of year 6! Today for your blog I would love for you to send in a short 30 second video saying goodbye and telling us one of your favourite memories from this year.

It would be great if you could send in a clip so that I can create a final video that you can keep from your friends.

I challenge you to make your 30 seconds as unique as possible! It must be sent in today, so that I can collate the videos together.

Send your video to:


Task 2

I’d like you to write a quick stanza for my poem to recap your year! I’ll right the first:

What a year it’s been for you,

My fabulous 6 white crew,

We had plans and intentions

And lots of things to do,

We have danced and sang,

Until the final bell rang,

You have made your mark,

Ended the year with a BANG!


  1. So many memories in the past years
    Leaving us in tears
    We should be in school today
    But we’ll meet someday
    A new life begins
    There were moments where we laugh
    And moments where we cry
    We had our last moments to say goodbye
    And we all let out a sigh😔

  2. Poem:
    We are at the end of our year
    We all are leaving with a tear
    But we should leave with a smile on our face
    and know that we have learned at a pace,
    We should go having learnt a lot
    and take a positive memory pot,
    So let’s leave knowing we had fun
    and make new memories like the morning sun.

  3. The memories will always stick with me,
    The good and the bad.
    My teachers’ ambition inspires me,
    Being in this school made me happy and glad.
    I’ll cherish our times,
    The amazing moments we had,
    Leaving this school,
    will definitely make me sad.
    I promise to take on everything I’ve learned
    from Nursery to Secondary,
    All the certificates I’ve earned.
    I will miss you all dearly,
    I hope we meet again. x

  4. So many fond memories were made here
    the memories that I hold oh so dear
    I wished we had gotten round to finish it all
    but even then it was still a ball
    the funniest the best and the awkward moments
    I hold them here in my heart
    we were awesome
    we were the best
    but it is time for us to part

  5. Poem:
    Now is the time to say goodbye,
    Our memories twinkle in our eyes,
    Stars in the night sky,
    A new day begins,
    We danced, we learned, we laughed,
    It is an end,
    All the hard things we went through,
    We don’t be sad we leave BH with a cheer.

  6. Year Six, what a year,
    Full of joy and laughter,
    We can end it with a cheer,
    We climbed a mountain,
    A day of adventures and fun,
    We made our own music video,
    And we were proud when it was done,
    I guess it’s time to say goodbye,
    Why does it feel too soon,
    We’re all grown up now,
    We’ll make sure to meet you one afternoon,
    But to be honest, Year Six was a BLAST!!!!!

  7. It’s time to say goodbye today
    Out time together is done
    We sang, we read, we learned
    Remember all the fun
    We have hard work ahead,
    With challenges all new,
    All that we’ve learned together,
    Will support us through and through
    Primary school is now ever,
    The time has gone so fast
    But let me tell you truly,
    This year has simply been a blast

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