6W 5/5/20- Maths (Calculating angles)

Today we will be applying our knowledge of angles to help calculate missing angles. Similar to algebra and inverse calculations in a way.
First watch the video and then complete the following;

BRONZE (Mrs Ahmed’s maths group)

Bronze reasoning starter challenge

SILVER (Miss Vega’s Maths group)

Silver challenge

GOLD (Mrs Hurt’s maths group)

Reasoning challenge-Gold

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19 thoughts on “6W 5/5/20- Maths (Calculating angles)

  1. Gold:

    I dont agree with Tommy because 180 degrees wouldn’t be 2 seperate straight lines, it would be 1 straight line, or have a circle. I know this because in the diagram you can see 2 seperate lines which are not connected into 1 straight line, and therefore Tommy is wrong

    A = 120 degrees
    B = 240 degrees
    360 – 240 = 120
    120 divided by 2 = 60

    A = 72 degrees
    B = 18 degrees
    I found this out because i knew that the right angle was 90degrees, and 180-90= 90. Then i did 90 divided by 5 because A is 4 times bigger than b, but B is still an angle, and so 4B+B= 5B. 90 divided by 5 was 18 and 18 x 4 is 72.

    Sweets = 45degrees
    Chocolate = 90degrees
    Fruit = 225 degrees

    Blue= 180 degrees
    Red= 120 degrees
    Green= 60 degrees.

    I found red out because Blue was a straight line, and a straight line is 180 degrees, and 360-180=180 degrees. Then i divided that by three because i had to find 3 greens. 2Green=1Red, 2Green (1Red) + 1 Green= 3Red And whe i divided 180 by 3 i got 60. I simply multiplied 60 by 2 which gave me red, and what was left was green.

  2. Gold:
    1. I agree with Timmy because to find a missing angle you use the found angle subtracted by the angle line which is 180-64=116. so I agree with Timmy.
    2. a=120. It equals 120 because the angle is a full whole so you need to do 360 divided by 3 which equals 120. So because a is half of b so b=240.
    Chocolate equals 90 because it is a full corner and makes a right angle so 90.
    Fruit equals 225 because it has 2 full corners and a half so 90+90+45=225.
    Sweets equals 45 because there is only a half of a corner left so 90 divided by 2=45.

  3. Gold:

    1) I do not agree with Tommy because he mentioned that angle is 116*,
    however when looking at this angle, the angle is clearly an acute angle, which ranges from 0* to 89*. Tommy mentions this angle is 116*, which is the range of an obtuse angle. Therefore Tommy is incorrect.

    2) The total of the angle is 360*. Therefore angle b = 240 and angle a = 120

    3) The total votes in the pie chart add up to 360*.

    Chocolate = 90* because it is a right angle.
    Sweets = 45* because it is half of the right angle.
    Fruit = 225* because it takes up one half + half of a right angle = 45* = 180 + 45 = 225. 225 + 90 + 45 = 360

  4. Gold(Mrs Hurts Maths group)
    1.I agree with Tommy because 180-64=116 and angles on a straight line must equal up to 180 degrees because then it is the full angle.
    If It doesn’t add up to 180 degrees then it is not a full angle.
    2.A) a=145 degrees B) a=80 degrees
    b=290 degrees b=20 degrees
    3. Chocolate=90 degrees
    Sweets=60 degrees
    Fruit=300 degrees

  5. Gold:
    1.I dont agree because there are 2 other angles so it cant be 116 degrees.
    a = 120 degrees
    b= 240 degrees
    a= 72 degrees
    b= 18 degrees
    Chocolate = 90 degrees
    Sweets = 45 degrees
    Fruit = 225 degrees.
    Blue = 180 degrees.
    Red = 120 degrees
    Green = 60 degrees

  6. Silver
    A)E= 180
    B)g= 89
    C)x= 131
    D)a= 48
    E)y= 198
    F)z= 90

    Dora has turned through 360 degrees.

    I’ll send the number 5 on silver later and the other question.

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