6W 5/5/20-Science (Hunt & Experiment)

On Thursday you will begin designing your own rollercoaster.
To do this we need to begin exploring and collecting suitable materials around your house, garden and on your daily walks.

Remember when we were designing our bridges, the most successful bridges were the ones with the strongest foundations.

Your task is to find FIVE materials you could use and FIVE materials which wouldn’t be suitable to build a fully functioning rollercoaster.
You will have to use the following vocabulary.

Think about the material you will need for the following elements;
*The base structure to support the whole rollercoaster
*The track: How will this material make a loop etc?
*A cart, how will the cart move?

3 thoughts on “6W 5/5/20-Science (Hunt & Experiment)

  1. Materials that would be good to use:
    1. Cardboard because it is hard and strong. 📦
    2. Chopsticks to hold it up. 🥢
    3. Plastic bottles as it is smooth and sturdy.
    4. Straws to pit in the edge so the cart can drive smoothly.
    5. Masking tape to stick everything together.
    6. Elastic Bands to make it stay and keep it tight.
    7. Polystyrene so we can make the chopsticks hold and not fall.
    Materials that wouldn’t be good to use:
    1. Paper as it is too weak. 📝
    2. Toothpicks because it is too short and will not hold the structure.
    3. Fabric because the cart will not slide and is will move around too much.
    4. Sponges because it is too soft and will not hold the roller coaster. 🧽
    5. Porcelain because it is too delicate and can break easily.

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