17 thoughts on “6W Are clockwork apprentices!

  1. The difficult part was when we had to detach the hands to put it in the right place. I needed concentration skills and identifying skills.The parts of the clock was called:
    .rubber washer
    .minute hand
    .hour hand
    .second hand

  2. The bit I found difficult was when we had to put the hands in the clock.
    We need to listen to the teacher so we do not get it wrong.
    We had a washer and we also had a rubber washer
    a pipe a big hand a little hand and a minute.

  3. I really loved it I think my favourite part of it was making the clock because I really like decorating the clock I really loved this week more than any other week this half term and I enjoyed helping other people because it improved my social skills with my friends that I don’t play or talk to that much😋😋😋😄😄😄😛

  4. I found the part diffucult when we had to put the hour hand and minute hand on. We had to use are looking skills, reading skills and listening skills. The different parts of the clocks were called the hour hand, minute hand,rubber washer, nut bolt, second hand, metal washer and the clock moter.

  5. The hardest part was making the clock work and tick and despite the fact the fact it was fun we kept on making mistakes and made me fustrated 😡😡.

    We needed to use our listening skills as the teacher told us good info and if we never listened to it we would make mistakes.

    We had a washer,a rubber washer, a pipe,an hour hand,second hand and minute

  6. I think the most difficult part of the clock was screwing on the bolt because you had to screw the bolt on really hard so the back of the clock wouldnt move.

    We needed to use our listening and following to listen on what parts we will need to construct first.

    The different parts were the two washers , a nut and a bolt and the minute , hour , and second hands on.

  7. The most difficult part for me is putting the parts if the clock together. We needed to listen to the instructions and be pashiont.There was a nut, bolt, 2 washers and minute
    /second hands

  8. The most difficult part was putting all the different parts of the clock together.

    We needed listening skills and reading skills to read the insructions for the clocks.

    There was a rubber and metal washer,a nut,a minute hand,an hour hand,a seconds hand and aclock movement.

    Making the clocks was so fun!

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