6W Around the World Week: Haiti

Hi Everyone,

This week 6W have based our learning on Haiti. Haiti is a very interesting country with some truly fascinating elements to its history and geography.

Take a look at our learning below :)

What did you most enjoy about this week’s learning and what did you gain from the week?

Here are some examples of our (somewhat more modern!) take on the slave trade…

11 thoughts on “6W Around the World Week: Haiti

  1. I enjoyed doing lots of things .When we did the movies with our partners it was so much fun thank you so much. I enjoyed the VR. I learnt new words and new things.
    Tectonic , Volcanic . Collapse and Eruption.

  2. I loved doing drama about the slave trade because it would show how it would look like😘What I gained was learning about the earthquake and how other aids and charities helped Haiti to look completely better and have more clean water and sources and access to other facilities like the bathroom because before and during the earthquake they never had the toilet so they used to do it in streams where people would collect water🚽

  3. I enjoyed trying to find out the definitions of the words because it was a challenge for me. I learnt that Haiti is a Caribbean country and they main language that they speak is French.

  4. I enjoy today the most because we got to act out and be in diff end groups that we wanted to just like yesterday. Thank you for letting us learn about a less furtinout person like Haiti .

  5. I loved doing the VR.Most my time was at soul group and I learnt the different types of earthquakes (tectonic,volcanic,collapse and eruption)

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