6W Engineering Week

This week we have been making things fly!

We started off by conducting some research into engineering and then looked at some different paper aeroplane designs.

Our main challenge for Thursday and Friday was to plan, design, build and improve our own paper plane. The final aim was to produce a plane which would travel the furthest in the Big Air Show.

What did you enjoy about the week? What did you gain from learning about Engineering planes? What new technical vocabulary did you learn?

7 thoughts on “6W Engineering Week

  1. I enjoyed making the planes and testing them.I gained the knowledge of who mph plane would be suitable for the big air show.i learnt the word air resistance which mean the air resisting to let the paper down.

  2. I enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and flying them in the big air show.
    I found out that the plane needs big wings to stay airborne .
    The vocabulary I learnt was airborne .

  3. I really enjoyed making our planes its a shame ours didn’t go as far as the practice throws😿 but it is fine because I had fun😸

  4. I loved engineering week .
    I loved the part when we did the Big Air Show.
    My team was Me ,Bailey and Nicole in the Big Air Show we got 23.18 meters
    I enjoyed when we made three aeroplane which were:
    Condor in the competition we had used the dart design.
    I learnt the word thust which mean to push forcibly.

    For an example :Push a car is thrust and a boat .
    P.S. well done Humaira group 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾(the winner )

    From kamilah

  5. I enjoyed testing our different paper aeroplanes to see which type was he best out of them all.We found out that the Condor flew the furthest distance overall while testing.We also found out that the Dart was the second best.

    The knowledge I gained from making these paper planes was that the bigger the wings the better it will fly.I also found out that if the plane has a point as the nose of the plane the further it will fly.if the plane has flaps going downwards in the sides of both wings this will also make it fly a great distance.The best angle to throw the planes was 45 degrees.

    I learnt that air resistance is the force that pushes the plane backwards.

  6. I enjoyed eating to make and test different types of paper aeroplanes . That it won’t work the first time but if you cary on . air resistance is the
    opposes the motion of objects that move through the air .

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