6W Library Competition Winners!

6W are thrilled with their library win!


What books have you read from the library this half term? What book would you recommend to others and why?

Miss Sahin :)

26 thoughts on “6W Library Competition Winners!

  1. Well done 6white. Please answer these questions. What 📚 books do you read? What is your favourite book so far? What inspired you to read those books? Who is the author of that book? who is the illustrator of your book? How many books do you read in a 2 terms?

    • I read Harry Potter books and other adventure and fighting books. My favourite book is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. The library challenge really because I was determined to read as many books as I could and after that I started to read Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling. There are no pictures in this book. About 30 books. Thanks for the questions.

  2. Well done 6W you have worked so hard and you have won, I am so proud of you. You definitely deserved it. Also well done for reading so many books and challenging yourself. I bet you were so confident and you got what you deserved. Even though I also think you were so passionate about winning and you have made all of your wishes come true. Keep up the good work 6 White.
    you are big superstars.
    By Zeinab Keita

  3. I’m really happy we won I had doubts but it is really a big surprise we thought 5red was going to win and if anyone said in year 6white that they didn’t (they’re lying😜).

  4. I was thrilled when I heard the news. I have read Tombquest,diary of a wimpy kid,tom gates,science books and loads more. I loved reading them. I would recommend Tom Gates to year 4+ because the book has a lot of pages full of words and amazing doodles to help shows what goes on in the story. There are some tricky words but are excellent to use in Unaided writing.

  5. I have read non fiction and fiction books . The books that I enjoyed the most was David Williams because they are really funny. I recommend this to 6+ there are a lot of words but it is worth reading . I m shore you wont take your eyes off them.

  6. I have read secret seven, Esio trot,the enormous crocodile, mr stink and the witches. I would recommend secret seven to children in year 2 who like adventures because this book is all about mystery and going on adventures.I would recommend the enormous crocodile to children in year 3 or 4 because this book is about surprises and laughing. I would recommend mr stink to people in year 5 because it has a lot of words. I would recommend the witches to children in year 4-6 because it is very interesting and it has a lot of words.

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