6W News Observers!

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I think it is important that we keep up to date with current affairs.

Have a read up on today’s news and let me know what you found out. What is your point of view on the stories you have read?


9 thoughts on “6W News Observers!

  1. I dont think Donald Trump should not of won because he said muslims arent aloud in the US which isnt fare.
    Also he said he only likes pretty women and I dont think thats right.

  2. I absolutely think that Donald Trump should be the president of the USA because he says he does not like Muslims and that he only likes pretty girls and women even if they are good or smart.He says he will make a border or wall to stop the Mexicans entering because they are bad people and murderers.😤😤😈

  3. Donald trump should not be president of the us because he just like pretty girls and he doesn’t like Muslim and he thinks Mexico are muders

  4. I don’t think Donal Trump should be US President because he is mean and he says he doesn’t like Muslim . He says he only likes pretty woman . I feel so sad about him being president actually nobody in my school likes him I bet! Donald Trump is the worst!!

  5. I think Donald Trump shouldn’t be the US president because he isn’t fair and doesn’t like Muslim. Also he said good ladies are only the pretty ones which is mean because all ladies are going to be different and they are all pretty no matter what.

  6. I agree with Anton but also Donald Trump said he only likes pretty women. He dose not care wether there smart or not .
    Donald Trump said he wanted to build a wall across the border of American and Mexico to stop imagration. But personally I think there should not be a wall there because people from Mexico could be in really danger, because there are a lot of horrrible people in the word. So they could be running away from them for safety.

  7. Anton, perhaps Donald Trump needs to visit BH and we can show him how we all work as a team at BH and everyone is allowed to be a member! Perhaps he needs to join our school.

  8. I don’t think Donald trump should be US president because he is saying that Muslims are not aloud in the US and I don’t think that is fair.I think other religions should be aloud where they want

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