6W World Book Day and Derek Landy Talk

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve had a great day today and enjoyed our extra World Book Day activity yesterday.

On Wednesday we got to hear Derek Landy speak about his career as an author. Some of you asked really great questions and we all gained from the experience. Here’s Anton just after having his new book signed:

And here’s the video documenting our World Book Day:

What did you enjoy most over the last two days? What skills have you used? Would you recommend Derek Landy and JK Rowling books to other children? If so, why?

16 thoughts on “6W World Book Day and Derek Landy Talk

  1. Over the past 2 days I have enjoyed most visiting the Derek Landky and his books looked making and I was annoyed to forget to bring any money with me to by some of his books.
    We used our drama,identifying,writing and teamwork skills which all helped me a lot.

  2. My favourite part was when we acted out the drama scenes.
    I used my identifying skillls,drama,speaking,listening and writing skills.
    I would recommend JK Rowling and Derek Landy books to people who like mysteries.

  3. I enjoyed world book day when we had to act to a scenario because it was funny.
    I prefer JK Rowlings book because her they seem more interesting than Derek Landys books.However I would recommend Derek Landy’s books to a reader who
    Likes horror.

  4. The thing that I enjoyed the most over the last two days was on Wednesday were we got to meet Derek Landy. I liked this because I had never meet a famous or a aurthur before. I would recommend JK Rowling because her stories have twits and terns all throughout the story’s. My favorate book of hers is Harry Potter and the Philophers stone. The skills that I used yesterday and today are: acting,reading,listing and speaking.

  5. I enjoyed the role play and vist.we used our communication skills and our roleplay skills.yes I would because they are interesting to read and they are child friendly and enjoyable.remember to keep reading.

  6. Today I had so much fun and even yesterday when we got to meet the funny amazing writer Derek Kandy.His Skullduggery books were fabulous and everyone should read them because they are full of adventure and mystery.

    Today was really fun when we were acting and writing descriptions about character form Harry Potter.JK Rowling is an superb writer who uses lot of detailed description and writers tricks.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and adventure and would love to laugh.The butter beer was fabulous and sweet.Thank you Miss Jones for all your effort and Miss Sahin.

    The skills I have used over the past couple of days are:
    .Speaking skills
    .Listening skills
    .Writing skills
    .Handwriting skills
    .Creative skills
    .Active skills
    .Helping skills
    .Identifying skills

  7. I enjoyed when we had to act out one scenarios that we got and it was really fun.
    I have used my acting, listening, observing and scanning skills.
    Yes I would recommend JK Rowling and Derek Landy’s books because his are scary and exciting at the same time and Jk’s books have some silly words which might make the readers laugh.

  8. I have enjoyed the drama we did today as we got to write our own scripts.I also enjoyed the talk with Derek Landy because he was very funny.

    We have used acting and listening skills over the last two days.

    I would recommend these books to people because J.K Rowling uses a lot of description and they are very interesting.

    I would recommend books from Derek Landy to people who like mystery and action-filled books. This is because he said in his talk that his books are full of mystery.

  9. I really enjoyed it as well except for the butter beer part with the cream soda, ice cream 🍦and honey bbllleeeccc😝☹ I really liked the drama part (you did not see me ruin the shop or turn him into a toad ok?😉 wasn’t me! runs out the room) it was really fun and the Derek Landly trip I’m just upset I didn’t get to ask him my question☹😭 but still I enjoyed it😊

  10. It was so fun when we got to see Derek Landy because he was very funny.
    I would recommend Derek Landy books to people who like horror because most books are about skeletons and there are three demon books.
    I would recommend JK Rowling harry potter to people who like mystery and adventures because harry potter goes on mysterious adventures.

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