7.05.20 – Year 4 W Home learning Maths

Morning year 4, today in maths we are going to do a topic review of decimals. Follow the code below to complete the task on LBQ. It is important that you are resilient and try your best on these questions as it reviews everything we have learned about decimals!

When you have completed it please explain what you have learnt about decimals.

45 thoughts on “7.05.20 – Year 4 W Home learning Maths

    • Great Armaan! I noticed you are completing Maths and Drawing blogs, but not English, Topic and Science. Please catch up these subject tasks from this week Armaan. It is important to keep gaining in all areas- this prepares us for the future.

    • Your answers have not appeared on LBQ Mikolaj… (maybe check your internet connection?) What did you learn about problems involving decimals?

      • Don’t worry- I found your work, it was on the 4 Blue code instead! Good job Mikolaj, just make sure you are reading the code on the 4 White page next time.

    • Good Bolu- have another think about this question:

      How many tenths are in 0.29?

      Use your knowledge of place value to help you. How would you represent this number using PV counters?

    • Good Abdirahman. Think carefully about how many tenths and hundredths are in each decimal. Use the place value chart to help you.
      For example:
      There are 4 tenths in 0.42. There are 2 hundredths in 0.42
      Complete these in your book:
      1) There are ____ tenths in 0.76.
      2) There are ____ hundredths in 0.76.
      3) 1/2 = 0.5. There are _____ tenths in 1/2.
      4) 1/4 – 0.25 There are _____ hundredths in 1/4.

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