4 Red – Healthy Eating!

This half term In Science we gave started to learn about different food groups and how we can maintain a balanced and healthy diet.  We created our own food plates with a range of different types of food from the five food groups.  Looking at the pictures and our research this week can you answer the following questions:

1) What are the five food groups?

2) How does each of these five groups help our body?

3) Why do we need to have a balanced diet?

5 thoughts on “4 Red – Healthy Eating!

  1. The five food groups are dairy,fats,carbohydrates,protein and fruit and vegetables.
    Fruit and veg gives us our vitimans protein helps our body to get fit and repair it if something happened to the body. Dairy makes your bones strong. Carbohydrates gives energy to you and fats give you low energy.
    We need a balanced diet so we can be healthy and give us vitamins. A balanced diet can also help with nutrients.

  2. 1. The five food groups are fruit and veg,carbohydrates,Protein,fats and dairy.
    2. Fruit and veg gives you all your vitamins.Your protein helps your body repair itself.Dairy makes your teeth and bones strong and healthy.Carbohydrates provides long lasting engergy however fats provide short term energy that should be eaten in short term moderation.
    3. We need to have a balanced diet so our body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function.

  3. 1. Carbohydrates fats protein dairy fruit and veg
    Protein help to repair you
    Fruit and veg vitamins
    Carbohydrates energy
    Fats protect are organs
    Dairy gives you callsium

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