Year 6 Autumn 1 Reading Challenge

Hi Year 6. Your reading challenge is below- please answer on paper and hand it to either Mrs Hurt, Mr Patel, Mrs Mahtani or Miss Ahmed


Metaphors: Find the powerful vocabulary and create word maps with words of a similar meaning on synonyms. This will help extend your vocabulary. Can you use any of these words in your mystery writing?

Similes: Write a selection of similes, metaphors and personification which could have been included in the text.

Conjunctions: Continue the story…

Good luck everyone!

67 thoughts on “Year 6 Autumn 1 Reading Challenge

  1. Metaphor:

  2. Tall house looming against the black dark sky.
    I think that’s a metaphor because it says the house going into the sky when it’s not actually doing that. It’s just still as a statue.

  3. Similes:
    1)The gate squeaked like a mouse:
    Is a simile because I isn’t a mouse who made the voice
    2)it is immposible to break of with a cliff so that’s a metaphor.

  4. Some metaphors are:breaking the foot off a cliff,it a lead a path into water.Forcing her through.
    They could’ve used afraid as a newborn baby.
    They also could’ve used a path whispered to be effective

  5. Bronze
    Breaking foot of the cliff
    You van not actually break your foot of a cliff
    You can’t lead water somewhere
    Water elegantly blue
    Girl abandoned like she was forgotten

  6. Bronze Challenge
    “breaking the foot of a cliff” you can’t break the foot of a cliff because a cliff doesn’t have a foot.

    “Lead a path in water.” This is a metaphor because you can’t just go and lead a path which is in the
    water 💦

    ‘They seemed to move themselves’ Because you need to control your feet they don’t move on their own.

    “forcing her through” Nothing can force you through anything in real life.

    The examples of figrative the text could have used are:
    The water was elagantly blue
    The girl was abandoned like she was forgotten
    The girl who went to Witby wore a beautiful pink dress
    The girl who broke the foot of the cliff
    The path was waiting patiently in the water ready to be walked on

  7. Breaking the foot, off your cliff, this is a metaphor because the cliff does not have a foot.

    Lead a path into water, you cannot do that physically unless in myths and legends or so.

    Forcing her through, you cannot do that physically, once again myths or legends or so.

  8. In line 6:
    The house was as tall as a giraffe standing proudly,head facing into the fluffy,candy floss like clouds.The windows were like no one have ever dusted them before.The house was abounded like a school in summer holidays.Her feet were like a mom working all day.

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