3 thoughts on “1 Blue – Stories with familiar settings.

  1. 1. Witch, cat , dog, frog, bird and dragon.
    2. In the beginning the witch and cat flew through the wind. Witch lost her hat, bow and her wand because of wild wind. Dog, bird and frog help her to find her things. They all wanted to go on broom stick. In the middle the dragon wanted to eat witch and chips. Dog, cat , frog, and bird saved the witch. In the end the witch made food for them. The witch changed her broom stick with magic and they all flew on it.
    3. This story is set on the sky. It is windy, cloudy ,dark, rainy and scary.
    4. She had a tall black hat, long plait, ginger hair, long nose.

  2. 1.The witch,the frog,the cat, the dragon,the dog, the bird.
    2.In the beginning the witch lost her hat and a dog had found it. In the middle the witches bow had flew out of her hair but a bird had found it.The witches wand had also got lost but a frog had found it.All of the animals get on the witches broom and fly high in the sky. Then at the end the witchs broom broke and she was nearly eaten by a dragon but the dog and all the other animals had pretended to be a big monster to save the witch the witch then made food for the cat,the bird,the frog and the dog.
    3.This story is set in the sky it is dark,windy,rainy and scary.
    4.She has a tall black hat, she has a broom stick,she has a big long nose, she has ginger hair in a plait,she wears a biw in her hair,she wears a long black cape,she has a wand,she wears a red top and a purple skirt.

  3. 1. The witch, the frog, the bird, the dog, the cat and the dragon
    2. They all wanted to go on the broom stick. The dragon wanted to eat the witch and chips. The cat, frog, dog and bird saved the witch. The witch made food for them all in the couldron. The broom changed into a magic broom and they all flew on it.
    3. Cold, raining and windy
    4. She had a tall hat, long plait, ginger hair

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