A big THANK YOU to Alan and Maggie!

I had a message a last week informing me that a kind gentleman had dropped off some books for our children. It was only when I contacted Alan that I realised there were even more books that he and his wife were willing to donate to our school.

I asked them if they wanted to see the library (so they could see that Broad Heath places a great importance on reading and quality materials). We were greeted by the Junior Librarians who were an absolute wealth of information ranging from what materials were available to where they could be located. 

I felt extremely proud of all of you!

39 thoughts on “A big THANK YOU to Alan and Maggie!

  1. Wow.Alan and Maggie thank you very much for your donations to the school library. Kids will enjoy reading these .You are so thoughtful about helping kids education.


  2. Thank you, Maggie and Alan for kindness. We all love books in class 1Red and we are looking forward to reading some of your books.
    thanks again,
    From all of 1Red.

  3. Wow thank you so much I’m so happy now I can read even more by the way I really really really love reading before I was like no I don’t it is so boring but now I’ve read some and inspired me so much and now pretty much I’m I’m still not keen on reading but I’m improving I’m starting to like it some books are kind so boring and so looks really interesting I just hope the I can read one of the books I’m so excited I’ll inform my friends about it at school tomorrow

  4. What a lovely gift. These books will fill out the Library really well. They are good quality books which children in both Key Stages will love.
    Thank you very much for this thoughtful act.
    Dave Newman

  5. Thank you soooo much I am so grateful for all of these new books filled with knowledge and importance for our future 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻😲

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