A busy week in Reception White

Reception White have had a really busy week. They have been around the school looking at objects that make them happy. The children have also shown off their creativity by creating different faces. This week in numeracy the children looked at 2D shapes. 

Watch the clip below to see what the children got up to.


Which was your favourite activity? Why?

Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

6 thoughts on “A busy week in Reception White

  1. I enjoyed putting the numbers in order also I liked cutting and sticking faces. it was very fun… I loved making shapes and looking at shapes on the board.

  2. well done guys you all done a great job in RW you should be all superstars. I know you are grourn up like year 1 but lots of practise you all you need is best behaviour and neater handwriting even neater than my handwriting. How old are you are you 6 5 4 witch one do all think from marwa xxxxxxxxxx bye:]

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