A Dark Dark Tale in Reception White

As part of topic on ‘Fantastic Lights’, the children in Reception White shared the story ‘A Dark Dark Tale’. They started the week of by exploring dark places around the school. The children even gave suggestions for things they could use in dark places so they could see. During the week the children did lots of fun activities around this story such as predicting what might be in the mysterious box and building dark dens. They even looked at different sources of light and lots more. 

Watch the clip below to see some of the learning that took place during this week.

The children in Reception White got really creative this week and they created their own Dark Dark Tale.

Watch the clip below to see their story being told. 

Challenge time 

What was your favourite activity this week? why?

Draw a picture of a dark place in your house and attempt to write a simple sentence. 

Write three sources of light.

11 thoughts on “A Dark Dark Tale in Reception White

  1. My favourite activity this week was a dark dark tale because I like to play in dark areas with torch light . I can get light from sun ,electric bulb ,torch .

  2. Anish likes to enjoy and play in the dark place, especially hide & seek game in the dark.

    Uses the mobile torch under the duvet to play with light and a torch to play with shadows on the wall.

  3. Muhammad enjoyed being in the dark with his friends because it was scary.

    Muhammad finds upstairs in the house dark.

    You can get light from:
    – a tourch
    – a candle
    – and sun

  4. My favourite activity this week was making lights. We went into the kitchen; the teddy bear was inside the treasure box; we closed the box and switched the light off. And then we switched the light on.

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