A week of super learning.

RD had a fantastic week of learning. We went to Twycross Zoo, met Nao Bob, found lots of psuedo words, used our imagination to create an alien and finally made a healthy space juice drink for Bob for his space journey.

Watch the videos below and see what fun we have had:


1. Write a list of psuado words. How many alien words can you write?

2. Bob is looking for a alien in space: Use your imagination to draw an alien and use descriptive words to describe it.

3. Using time words first, then, next, and finally to write about your trip to Twycross Zoo.

4. Write a shopping list of healthy ingredients you would buy to make a healthy space drink.








5 thoughts on “A week of super learning.

  1. 1. Luk, fee, hosty, Brun, bruq, fears and Gibbs.


    3. We went to twycross zoo we saw giraffe, they were so big.

    Secondly, we went to see the penuin.

  2. Challenges:

    1) Here are some psuado words. Tasa, Nas, Mas, Fas, Ruk, Pluck, Eac, Guup, Luup, Doope.

    2) We all went to visit Twycross zoo, we first saw small penguins in the home, they were eating fish for dinner, it was funny watching them eat.

    Then we moved along and saw the large elephants, it was really hot, they were cooling themselves down by splashing sand all over them.

    The next animal we saw at the zoo, was a giant giraffe, they were eating leaves of the tree, they have a long neck with a skin body and legs and finally we saw turtles, they were sitting and just relaxing before they walked slowly into the water.

    The visit to the Twycross Zoo, was amazing. I really enjoyed it and seeing all the wonderful animals from around the world.

    3) Shopping List for Alien Drink:

    Oranges, Grapes, Apples, Water, ice cubes.

    To make this drink, you will use one of the fruits and places it in a mixer, added water and some ice cubes, and mix until it becomes liquid then pour into a glass and you have a cold fruit juices.

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