A great first week back for RW!

Well, what can I say? It has truly been a magnificent week. One which the children have shown great teamwork and resilience.

When the children made a mistake, they didn’t give up. They worked even harder!

This week we have been learning about, ‘The Gruffalo!’ A truly fascinating book!

Can you tell me the name of the Author and Illustrator? What do each of these amazing people do?

You are all becoming confident, smart and caring children. I am so proud of you all! Have a look at the collages and video below to see what they’ve been up to.

If you comment, you will receive a peg!

You have all ‘Reached New Heights’ this week!

6 thoughts on “A great first week back for RW!

  1. the author is julia donaldson she is the writer of the gruffalo and axel scheffler is the illustrator which means he creates the pictures in the gruffalo

  2. The author of the book is Julia Donaldson .Authors means the writer of the book.
    The illustrator is Axel Scheffler and he draws the pictures.

    I enjoyed collecting sticks and leaves.

  3. I had so much fun on my first week back at school, we played outside in the playground and I liked making the gruffalo art and putting hand prints on the paper.

  4. WOW RW! You have had such a busy week. I have loved seeing all the creative learning that you have done. Well done and keep it up! 👍

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