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  1. Hi inyah i realy missed you i cant wiat until i go to year 2 and see you agian and realy i think you are such a brave girl at your big opration and i realy hope you feel better and get well soon.How do you feel now inyah? I realy hope you come back soon andbe brave for your opration and i cant wiat to see you on september on tuesday and is your leg better?And see you on september and heres a huge kiss for you inyah see you
    from Elen to inyah xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. Mrs Hameed and Miss Chahal think you are such a brave girl, you are always working hard and you always try to do everything on your own which makes you very determined! We hope you are being good and we hope you feel better very soon! We miss you lots in class it is definitely quiet without you, chatterbox. Please make sure you do your homework, we will be checking! We are sending lots of cuddles your way. See you soon!

  3. Hello Inaaya it’s lovely to see you smiling. We hope you get better soon. We like the colour of your plaster cast. We miss you can’t wait to see you in Year 2.
    love from
    1 White