A journey to the centre of the Earth!🌎 πŸŒ‹

What a way to start the new year!
Today we watched the film and gained an insight to the emotions felt by characters and the spectacular settings!

PDF book ‘Journey to the centre of the Earth’– read for pleasure. (Author: Jules Verne)

Challenge: Create a piece of art representing your favourite scene from the story and write a short description using Y6 literary devices.

For those of you who were not here today, please watch the film at home and begin reading the book. Create a double page spread about the story.

11 thoughts on “A journey to the centre of the Earth!🌎 πŸŒ‹

  1. This day was amazing and fun. The movie was fantastic. My favourite character was Shaun and my favourite scene was when they battled with the piranhas and against the fish. I hope I complete the challenge and hope everyone is safe in this isolation.

  2. I enjoyed making the double page spread after watching clips of the film. My favourite character was Hannah because she is courageous when doing something and showed the way to the places.

  3. This day was great and fun. I enjoyed watching the movie. My favourite character was Trevor. And my favourite scene was The battle when they fought the serpents and piranhas. I am enthused to write the diary perspectives.

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