A letter written from inference.



Your task is to write the letter that Norman had written to his parents before they replied with these (on the blog).

When I am marking your work I will be assessing you inference skills. You will therefore need to use the information in these 2 letters to work out what to write. Each time you make a reference to the letters themselves, you will be awarded a mark (don’t forget that your letter must be written as if it is before these ones).

I would like to see a decent length of letter – you can make up things to put in your letter but it must make sense within the context.

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  1. Dear Mum & Dad,

    I am only writing to you because I want you to understand why I left the house.When I was at home it was such a disgrace because whenever I wanted a drink I always had to ask for permission.In my opinion I think you 2 thought I was still a little baby and I had to ask for everything.Well for a fact first of all I am aloud to do anything I want and whenever I want and no-one cane stop me.Also I have enough food to last up to a year and I will never be bored because I have a few Games along with a TV.I will be allowed to do anything without you saying anything.

    From Norman

  2. Dear Mum & Dad,
    Lets start with all the mistakes you made during my life of woe, first you didn’t give me enough money/pocket money, you didn’t let me do anything like making drinks without asking you for permission, when the NEW mario kart 7 game came on the wii you didn’t let me have it (even know i asked so kindly), let’s just forget about all the stupid decisions you have made.

    From your most independent son, Norman.

  3. Dear mum and dad,
    I am writing this letter to tell you all the reasons why I left this house.You would never let me do things my way. And Becky gets to do what she wants.How unfair!!!.You didnt even let me go to my BEST FRIENDS house . What kind of mother are you?. And I am glad that i’ve left this house and moved to my peaceful tree house.

    Its so nice sleeping in my tree house I even got my tv and i’m watching what want even the programmed im not aloud to watch.

    by Norman

  4. Dear Mum & Dad,
    I am writing to explain why I have left the house.I left the house because i didnt get enough pocket money during a week.My friends get £3 a day and i don’t get anything like that. You also didnt let me have whatever i needed, like when I wanted a drink I had to ask for permission.

    I am really happy that i have moved out because my dreadful sister Becky had ruined my life and now took my room.

    from Norman.

  5. Dear mum & dad,
    I would just like to say that I am finding it luxurious in my tree house. I am having so much fun here! I really hope you are enjoying it in the house and I am fine off with out you. I think I did something really good for me. As well as that you can send all of my pocket money up! Surprise me with how much you give me! Don’t let sis’ come up here She’s driving me CRAZY!!! Have you seen the new film…well I have!
    (P.S I’m better off with out you!)
    your genus son Norman.

  6. Dear mum & dad,
    I am writing this letter to tell you why I left the house.I left the house because I am furious that you are trying to go even harsher to me everyday. All that I got for my birthday is a pair of socks.And I get a peg for christmas.

    I am veeeery happy in my treehouse.

    from norman

  7. Dear mum and dad,
    I am writing to you to inform you why i left the house.

    You never give me enough pocket money and all my friends get £2 for pocket money every single day!Which is not fair because I HARDLY get 1p.I Have set up a 45 INCH screen up IN my treehouse.BY the way your parenting is trash.I AM FURIOUS!i also have enough food to last for me for 4 weeks.I have also managed to get a ladder up there.

    From Norman.

    • Dear Mum and Dad,
      i am writing to tell you that your parenting is trash and also that the way you treated me i was your slave!!!!
      it was not fair that i was treated like that. Did you know that all my friends got £20 and i didnt get anything because you were sooooo wrapped up in your own life that you didnt even realise that i didnt get anything.

      Last week my birthday was a disgrace i was and still am furious with you because you forgot it was my birthday. Look i have never forgot your birthday like mum yours is 27th of April and dad yours is 1st of january and we always celebrate your birthday but never celebrate my birthday like we went to pizza hut on your birthday dad but i didnt go because it would cost tooo much money which is what you said dad and mum and mum on your birthday you and dad went to a resturant and left me with that stupid babysitter carol and you knew i hate her.

      i am soo happy here bcse i get to do what i want and when i want and do not distract me by saying oh sweetie please come home you can do what you want now and YOUR ANSWER WILL ALWAYS BE A BIG FAT NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Mum and Dad,
    I am writing to tell you why I left the house,I am very furious
    with you have almost ruined my life.DO YOU KNOW THE WAY YOU TREATED ME!I AM LIVING IN THE TREE HOUSE.

    first of all you never,let me have a bath. EVERY TIME YOU KICK ME OUT OF MY ROOM.you never ever give me PASSION before I enter my class.I was treated like garbage.

    Second of all you never give me anything.i am supper happy here its like a party here with all my friends every night.BEFORE YOU ASK ME HOW I FEEL TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL.its like heaven with out you to.I have food to last.


  9. Dear Mum and Dad,

    I am explaining why I left the house.I am VERY ANGRY with you,because you treated ME BADLY.YOU NEVER GIVE ME THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF POCKET MONEY THAT EVERYONE ELSE GET!!!You never give me the treats that everyone else get.And i never get proper breakfast.Do you see any other parent treating a kid like that?

    Before you ask me how i feel,ask yourself how you feel when you treated me badly.I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THAT HOUSE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    BY Norman

  10. Dear Mum and Dad,
    I am writing this letter to you to explain why I left the house.
    I felt that I had smoke beside my ears. I had a reason for this.You treated me as if I was GARBAGE! Have you seen any other parents treat people like this? Before you ask me how I feel I feel happy without you.

    This is what you did to make me leave your boring house: you never let me go in your car, you never let me buy anything I was and I feel as though I am in prison living with you.

    From Norman

  11. Dear Mum and Dad,
    I am writing this to you to explain why you found me disappeared earlier this morning.I am disgusted that you love meany Morris-WHICH I HAVE TO CALL MY SISTER!She always gets me in trouble and because of her I am in that room all day being tortured because I am remembering your taunts which are being stuck in my head all day long.DO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO THINK I AM HELD IN PRISON? I also hate being the one who always gets less pocket money and then getting bullied at school about how much money I have I HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE NO OBJECTIONS OF ME MOVING OUT MAY BE YOU SHOULD JUST FORGET ABOUT ME AND START A NEW LIFE. YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ME I HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO LAST AND ENOUGH CLOTHES TO LAST AND I WONT BE BORED BECAUSE I HAVE A TV UP HERE.

    From Norman

  12. Dear mum and dad,
    I am writing this letter to explain why I left this house.I
    have left the house to go and live in my tree house and
    living in this tree house has made me more independent.
    I am very cross because whatever I wanted and really liked
    you would never give it to me,also you would always send me to my room without dinner.

    I am very happy in the tree house and I have got enough food
    to last me year.

    From Norman

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