A message from Miss Baz…

Hi 6M. I just wanted to share the message which Miss Baz has written for us; I’m so proud that you have made such a good impression!

“To 6M,

Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to work with such a wonderful class. All of you boys and girls have helped me learn so much within the time I have been with this class. Everyone of you is unique in a way but all amazing at the same time.

I wish you all the best in your SATs and hope you all obtain your target grades or even higher! Once again I want to thank you all from the children to the staff. You all have helped me in such a big way.

Lots of love.

Miss Baz

P.S. I will remember every single one of you!”

7 thoughts on “A message from Miss Baz…

  1. Miss Baz thank you for all the help you have given me.i am really going to miss you a lot. I hope you come back and visit us.



  2. I am going to Mis Mrs Baz so much and i will remember her loads.She helped me in literacy,Maths and all other kinds of subjects.Thank you so much Mis Baz and i will mis you loads.

  3. I would like to thank Miss Bar a lot as she as helped us out a lot at her time in broad heath and would like to wish her luck for her next job and uni

  4. Miss Baz we thank you because of the work that you have been doing with us. We are really going to miss you and thank you. Please visit us again. Working with us has made our learning really good bye. We will even remember you.

    Bismah :-)

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