A Message to 5B, ‘My future stars’ – From Mr Janjua & Mrs Khan

Dear 5B,

A post to just say thank you. Thank you to you guys, for being not just a wonderful and amazing class, but also making my first year so far at Broad Heath so memorable. This message is very bittersweet. Whilst I am happy you are all safe and sound, it pains me that I do not know when I may see some of you again. With the current situation at hand, we have not had the chance to create further fun moments and memories that we can all cherish. I wanted to be a role model for many of you and sad that it has been cut short. We have enjoyed being your teachers and supporting you every step in the way helping you all to progress in your learning. Each and everyone of you have made us smile, laugh and I just want you know that I am very proud of you all. You have all made fantastic progress, whether that be academically, socially, physically or just growing in maturity to face whatever task comes your way!

This is a scenario that is not just new to me, or you, but also for the entire world. I never thought we would get to this stage, but unfortunately it has happened. I just want to urge you all to remain calm and show that maturity that you have developed to approach your days in the right manner. Use your time wisely; spend time with your family and have fun! Remember, just because you are not at school does not mean you cannot learn anything new at home. We live in a world where every skill can be now learnt at the touch of a button. Do not see this as a setback, but think positively about what you can achieve, your mindset is everything. Attitude + Effort = Success!


Even though you are not in school, myself, Mr Mashford and Mrs Cochrane will be posting one blog every day, relating to Maths, English, Science, Topic etc on the blog. You need to complete all of these, not just the one’s posted by me. Remember we are a team and a school community and everyone is trying to help each other. This is to be completed in your homework book, or on the blog. Do stay in touch and tell us how you got on and I, or another adult can comment to provide support and help! But most importantly, do not complete this work for me, for Mrs Khan, or for Broad Heath, do it for you! You guys need the skills and have done so well this year, I would not want a situation like we currently have to hinder your learning and development. I want you to have the best chance and not let something like this bring you down!

On a final note, for the last time, look after yourselves, stay safe and I wish you all the best for the future, in education, health and life! Keep being amazing! We will both miss you dearly. Please stay in touch, if you have any concerns about anything, just want to say hello, or just want someone to talk to then comment on this blog.

Many Thanks,

Mr Janjua and Mrs Khan

43 thoughts on “A Message to 5B, ‘My future stars’ – From Mr Janjua & Mrs Khan

    • Hi Rehan, this was from a while back. I have just looked at the task and you have to find equivalent fractions.

      Remember equivalent fractions are fractions that look different but they have the same value as each other.

      You need to remember the rule: whatever you multiply the denominator by, you need to multiply the numerator by.

      If you see a question such as:

      1/2 = ?/4 – what do you multiply 2 by to get to 4? (X2) so then multiply the top by 2 also.

      I have posted a video before so have a look at it :)


  1. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and assistant you always help me when I am stuck on my work and you always teach me new things.Thank you and stay safe I miss school and my friends.

    • Hello Hannah, lovely to hear from you. You have been a super star to teach. Keep on smiling and you will achieve the best. Please let me know if you need any help with anything. Keep in touch!

  2. I really miss school I know we are all in a sertain situation where we all have to stay at home away from school, but we can still learn different and new things outside of school! Also, I myself have improved in things such as reading and handwriting outside of school everyone can use their creativity and imagination skills to improve in their work so everyone I hope you stay safe and healthy. :-)

  3. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and for all your support and
    to Mrs frankish for being the best teach ever. Stay safe everyone.

  4. Mrs Khan,everybody is talking about homework but i checked the school website i saw know homework and on Friday i wasn’t here so which means i do not have my homework book……!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!????????

    • Hello Mubarig, hope you and the family are well. Each day there will be blogs put on by Mr Janjua, Mr Mashford and Miss Cochrane. You need to complete them in your homework book. Have a look at the fractions blogs from Mr Janjua and Reading Comprehension from Mr Mashford from last week. These blogs will be put up at 9am every morning. Hope that is clear. Let me know if you need help with anything. Take care of yourself. All the best!

    • Hello Mujammil, I know it’s not easy but keep on smiling, stay in touch with us on the blogs and we are always here to support you. All the best.

    • You’re welcome Mujammil, remember how much progress you have made this year and you have become a lot more confident! Keep believing in yourself!

    • Hello Lakeysha, school is closed for majority children however your parents will need to inform the school if they are planning to send you in. It depends on their situation. Please keep on top of the blogs and keep in touch. Take care

  5. I miss class and all the fun things we done but we have to stay safe I enjoyed being here and wish to come back it feels boring at home but at school it’s just puts a smile on children’s faces. I miss school and never will forget these never-ending moments TY!!!!X😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • Rehan, its good to hear from you. Hope you are looking after yourself. Keep on top with the blogs and keep in touch. Let’s hope for the best and hope we do see each other in the near future. Take care.

    • Hello Hafsa, not sure what sheets you mean. The homework is set up on the blog on a daily basis. So over the weekend there has been 2 fractions blogs set by Mr Janjua and a reading comprehension blog set by Mr Mashford. You need to check this everyday. Let me know if you need any help. Take care. Mrs Khan

  6. Thank you for your message, l will miss your football skills and l absolutely understand the situation I will try my best to progress.If this is the end of year 5 then thank you for your support I’ll try my best to take your advice and I will use my time wisely in order to progress further.
    I thank Miss Khan as well.
    Bye for now and take care.

  7. Hello 5 Blue, I hope you are well. I know you are not in school. Like Mr Janjua has said use your time wisely. Have fun, keep on learning and keep on gaining. You have all have made so much progress. Keep in touch and let us know if you need any help. Take care

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