A Monster Calls in 6 White

In Literacy we have watched a film called A Monster Calls and are in the process of reading the book. This will help us to compare both the film and the book. It’s a fantastic film full of different emotions showing how to tackle real life situations that can affect anyone.

Today we orally retold scenes from the film using intonation, expression, feelings and understanding each scene.

What did you find difficult when retelling the story orally? Why?

How can you improve for next time?

8 thoughts on “A Monster Calls in 6 White

  1. I found finding the picture difficult because if we do a voiceover then some of the pictures were hard to find.
    I could improve by doing a longer video and adding more volume to the video so it adds more intonation and then it will make the video more exciting
    Overall it was a fun and exciting lesson and was really interesting to do because his min had cancer and was interesting to find out how he was feeling during the incident

  2. What did you find difficult when retelling the story orally? Why?
    I found that finding pictures which matched to our scene was a bit difficult as the internet didn’t have all of them.
    How can you improve for next time?
    Next time I’ll try to find more pictures and have more change of tone and volume.

  3. What I found difficult, was the fact that we couldn’t find any pictures to match our scenes. And we wasted nearly all our time on just looking for the right pictures, but there weren’t really any that was going to match our future scenes. What me and my partner could improve next time is to make sure we have the correct photos beforehand.

  4. 1. I was struggling on the vocab and voice and the intonation.
    2. I could improve by my vocab and my intonation it was fun trying to make voices

  5. When orally retelling the story, I found that it was harder to keep up with the images, even after extending them for long. Me and my partner were both trying to keep our sentences descriptive yet it was a bit tougher to get the exact images which would match our vocabulary. On the other hand, it was really useful to have another person as it meant we could switch our voices and it made a drastic impact on our intonation. Next time I could improve on by changing my levels of voices.

  6. 1. I found the finding the picture pretty hard .
    2. Next time I think that I could do more expressions instead of using one voice.
    Over all it was a fun lesson and interesting to do . Thank you.

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