A rollercoaster of a day at Drayton Manor!

What a fantastic day at Drayton Manor! Lots of fun, excitement and it was wonderful to see everyone out and about after the ups and downs we have experienced this year!

We faced fears, conquered new heights and cork-screwed our way through the park! The children’s faces were truly a picture!

This was a very memorable experience for all, and the perfect way to celebrate all the children’s hard work and successes this year. Have a look at our gallery below!

6B, what was your favourite moment or ride of the day?


  1. My favourite ride at Drayton Manor was the pandemonium and storm force 10.I would just like to thank all the year 6 staff and especially Miss Frankish for letting us go to this trip, this will be kept as a memory and a wonderful time for me.Thank you.

  2. My favourite ride of the day was shockwave and apocalypse because shockwave was like a roller coaster that does a big 360 and they made very happy and scared at the same time and apocalypse was fun as we went up slowly and then you could the whole park and after so fast down that you could not even breath or shout you shouted when you got to bottom scariest shockwave and breath taken from the apocalypse.

  3. My favourite part of the day was going on The Buffalo ride as it was fast and amazing.In addition, we were able enjoy the ride without being scared as it was not that scary.

  4. My favourite ride was Storm Force 10 and my favourite moment of the day was when we went on the Accelerator.

    Thank you to all the teachers for making this a memorable trip. A special thank you to Mrs Frankish for letting us have the opportunity to go on this trip during the last weeks of Year 6. Thank you again to you all 😀

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