A Special Message for 3 White From Mrs Sanders!

Hi 3 White,

We are on our final day of being year 3’s and what an amazing and strange year we have had! I have loved getting to you know you all this year and I am incredibly proud of all you have achieved. You are AMAZING! Every single one of you is special and unique.

I know that you will all continue to gain and impress all the adults that work with you throughout the rest of your journey in Broad Heath. I can’t wait to start my year 4 journey with you!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! Take care, stay safe and hopefully I will see you all in September!


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  1. thank you Mrs Sanders for helping grow in my learning in 3 white, it has helped me a lot during the home learning and i really appreciate it. i am a little nervous that i am going to year 4 but very happy that you will be with us on this new journey. Hope you have a lovely break see you in September.

    • Aww Esa, you’re very welcome! Thank you for being a superstar! I am also a little nervous for year 4, but I am also looking forward to starting my new journey with you. See you in September!

  2. I really miss you Mrs sanders you are amazing and i miss you Mrs Beniston i really miss you. You are very nice.
    I hope my new teacher is good.

  3. 3W it has been a pleasure to be your teacher over this difficult time. You have shown so many of the Broad Heath Values and Mrs Sanders has told me all about each and everyone of you.
    I’m sorry I haven’t met you in person but in September I will pop into your new class and say hi to you all. So make sure you stay safe and have fun over the holidays.

    A huge thank you to Mrs Sanders too. She is an amazing person and I am very jealous you all get to work with her again next year.
    Mrs Sanders you are a true superstar 🌟

  4. Can I personally say “Thank you Mrs Sanders” You have been a star. When Mrs Beniston left at Easter you made sure 3W standards didn’t not drop. Mrs Masters has tried very hard to support too, but Mrs S….you have been sublime! Xx