Today, 1 Red visited their new class for the day. What superstars!

We introduced ourselves and had fun playing a game outside before it got too hot and sunny.

The children took photos of parts of the classroom that interested them and created pic collages. Below are some examples.

We worked together in groups to make a giant Cookie Monster!

We wrote our aspirations, decorated salt dough cookies and personalised a Cookie Monster.

We even created Cookie monsters using construction.

What a busy day! Can you remember our new class mantra?

4 responses to “A taste of 2 Red”

  1. Hanfaa N.

    It was nice seeing my new teacher

  2. Muhammad S.

    I loved it in 2Red😊😃.

    1. Mrs Penavega

      We loved having you in 2 Red and are so excited for September!

  3. Mrs J Patel

    Well done 1red what a lovely day you all had with lots of learning. I enjoyed watching your video to show this. Can you remember your class mantra? Don’t forget to post your comments.

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