A Week with Vincent Van Gogh in 1 Blue

1 Blue have had a fantastic week learning about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh.  The children experienced using  a variety of materials to create both 2D and 3D artwork. They experimented with using different textures to create different effects, explored sketching techniques and created models. Take a look at the video to see how busy they have been!

Can you answer these questions using sentences please?

What colour did Van Gogh like best?
Which 2 countries did he live in?
How many paintings did he sell during his life time?

14 thoughts on “A Week with Vincent Van Gogh in 1 Blue

  1. 1. Van Gogh liked the colour Yellow the best.
    2. He used to live in Netherlands and France
    3. He sold 5 paintings during his lifetime

  2. 1. Vincent Van Gogh’s faviroute colour was yellow.

    2. He lived in France and Holland.

    3.Van Gogh sold 900 of his paintings.

    By Salman Raja :) ;) B-)

    • Hello Salman. Well done for answering the questions! Take a look at the last question and read it carefully. You are correct that over 900 of Van Gogh’s painting have been sold but the question says how many during his lifetime.

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