Aboriginal Culture

This week has been about All around the world. Billy Yirawala was the Australian Artist that we focused our learning on. We started this week with:-

Exploring aspects of the Aboriginal Culture

To understand the history of Indigenous Art

Experimenting crosshatching skills on natural materials

Experience use of Batik to develop a traditional Aboriginal design

This has been a fantastic week learning about the Aborigines with you all

Find our amazing iMovie below:


Can you name me three facts about the Aboriginal Culture?

5 thoughts on “Aboriginal Culture

  1. Challenge:

    1.One fact about the Aboriginees is, that they used dream stories to tell the stories of their Ancestors.

    2. Another fact about the Aboriginees is, that when they hunt insects or animals they are resourcefulness which means they will not waste it unless their lives are at risk.

    3. Lastly, the Aboriginees created the boomerang to hunt down or protect themselves from animals such as the Kangaroo.

  2. Three facts about the Aborifinal Culture is :
    1. On of there famous Aboeiginal artists were Picasso of Arnhem land aka Billy Yirawala.
    2. Aborigines came from East Timor to Northern Territory then settled in Western Australia.
    3. They believed that Warramurrumundgi raised from the sea with a stick and a bag ; created the land, humans and animals.

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