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Active Aadam’s workout and very busy day!

Aadam is certainly keeping himself fit with a range of exercises whilst also practising his counting skills.  You are a superstar Aadam and you have convinced Mrs Chapman to go and do some star jumps now!

Aadam has also been enjoying doing lots of exciting activities in his garden, building a tent and making a birds nest after spotting one in a tree from his window.  This is just like the nests and animal dens we built in the Forest Schools area Aadam-brilliant job!

It is lovely to see you enjoying spending time with your family Aadam.  Keep sending us your pictures and videos and Mrs Chapman, Mrs Shergill and Miss Tift will look forward to seeing you soon.



One thought on “Active Aadam’s workout and very busy day!

  1. Your smiley face really makes my day Aadam! You are working so hard at home and making it really fun aswell! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

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