Adjectival Phrases!

Year 3 have been learning lots about instruction texts over the last few weeks, and how their writing can create an effect on the reader!

Red table have been challenged to produce a set of instructions during Literacy, taking their inspiration from George’s Marvellous Medicine. How many adjectival phrases can you spot in their writing?

Remember – an adjectival phrase usually consists of two adjectives, sometimes an adverb, and answer questions such as what colour is it? How does it feel?  An example would be – The bubbling paint was brown and sticky.

8 thoughts on “Adjectival Phrases!

  1. Abdelrahman’s

    You need:

    A dead Beatle
    Spiders 5
    Out of date chocolate spread
    Rice because she’s allergic to it
    And black paint mixed with brown paint

    Method :
    First pour the slimy,ugly dead Beatle in the mixed smelling fainting smell brown black paint mixed together with rice and mixed the smelly and disgusted lrice with the rest 5 bleeding,deadly spiders and out of date,disgusting chocolate spread.

    The best part is when you give it to your grammar!!!!!!!!muhuhuha evilness!!!!

  2. Nithusha’s mysterious medicine!

    You will need:
    4 bottles of smelly and sticky green paint.
    2 slimy smelly worms.
    6 rotten hard cheese.
    9 black dull beetles.
    2/3 cups of stinky dirty water.

    1.First get a enourmas clean pan.
    2.Then grab the 2/3 of stinky dirty water.Remeber not to breath to closely!
    3.Next take the smelly sticky green paint and put it in the enormous clean pan.
    4.Grab all of the insects and add it to the enormous clean pan and gently sir with a wooden spoon.
    5.Finally put it in a bottle and give it to your grandmama!

  3. What you need. Instructions
    Sticky blue paint. 1.First, pour the stinky, slimy, glue mixture into a bowl and
    Green stinky mixture. make sure you don’t breath in it or else it will explode!
    of slimy glue. 2.Next, mix the discustin horrible mixtur with the sticky
    Dirty water. Paint.
    and some yellow
    horrible shampoo

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