After School Clubs

After school clubs will commence on Monday 14th September with the year 6 Cricket Club. Tuesday 15th September will be Football Club with Mr Burgess and this will be a” one off “trial session open to all boys in years 5 & 6 to come along and impress everybody with your skills.From this session the A & B squads ,for this season,will be selected and football training will then be held every Tuesday from 22nd September for those lucky ones. All our super talented girls are also invited but we will be holding additional training sessions for the girls so we can organise our own seperate team ready to play for the school.

Cross Country Club will begin on Wednesday 16th September and this is open to all boys and girls in years 4,5 & 6.

Please remember clubs only run in Weeks 1 – 5 and do not take place during any project weeks.

Mr Inman and Miss Bhandal will also be running an after school sports club choosing a variety of sports and Graham will continue with his ever popular Football club for year 4 on a Thursday, so keep a look out for further information on these clubs.

I would also be interested to know if there are any other sports you would like to see a club organised for,if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I have also listed below the After School Club Rules for this year.Please read and make sure you understand and are able to follow these rules before asking for a joining form.All forms for the Cricket,Football and Cross Country Clubs can be obtained from Mr Mountford.

After School Club Rules 2015 – 16

  1. All club forms are to be completed and returned to school prior to joining a club.
  2. Appropriate clothing and footwear Must be worn during the session (e.g Football boots & Shin pads)
  3. Participants must arrive on time and be ready to start.
  4. Once signed out by a member of staff please leave the school premises quickly and quietly.
  5. Please make sure your parents know that the finish time of the club is 4.00pm and that you will need to be collected from the log cabin.
  6. All of the 5 school rules need to be adheared to during a club,these are;

Stop, Look and listen please,when asked to do so

To respect and care for all things

To give of your best

To talk and share nicely

To follow instructions to the best of your ability.

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