After school maths club


In summer 1, we had a after school maths club to make progress in various topics in this area. Every child worked really well and made progress! 


We began these sessions looking at ways of writing 4 digit numbers e.g. 4532 has 4 thousands, 453 tens etc.  We looked at these questions and discussed what the problem was asking us to do. We all struggled understanding the question and found this tricky. Mr Patel set the children a challenge that in 5 weeks time, he wants all of us to calculate these types of number problems.

First, children looked at knowing and understanding the value of the digits within a number and also the whole number as a whole. Children used dienes and number lines to calculate what the missing numbers are in a sequence. They also looked at how many 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s  there are in 4 digit numbers – for some we had to go back t 3 digits first. This was a new concept to the children and took a lot of hard work to grasp. The group worked really hard and achieved this in the end. However, for one or two children, this does need consolidating. This knowledge would help them make progress in achieving the original task. The group could also verbalise this several weeks later. Well done!


The next step in the children’s journey was to calculate the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 for 4 digit numbers. To begin this, we had at half of the children not being able to read 4 digit numbers. We focused on this for a session as children needed this skill to progress. We used deines to support and place value cards. After a session, all children were able to read 4 digit numbers confidently.

Next, to ensure progress was being made, each child in the group looked at and explained why a 2 and 3 digit number was rounded to the nearest 10 or 100. Explaining whether various problems were true or false help understand why particular numbers were rounded up or down and to which numbers. This method was used for 4 digit numbers and explaining and proving each step was crucial for children to achieving this task. We used place value cards and physical resources to aid the children’s understanding. Looking at the video, this was a success!


Using dienes helped us. Maryam and Alex became confident at recognising 4 digit numbers, what is 1 more and 1 less, how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones in these numbers. This was certainly a challenge! But these children showed great determination and a positive frame of mind helped us gain knowledge on how to solve these. They always asked questions to support their learning and they made great progress. Well done!


In the last session, children looked at the original problem and had a go if they could solve this. Using everything that they have learnt in these sessions was crucial in solving this. It took a long time but nearly all children solved this problem. Wow! Big progress from the start of the club to the last session.

Children made progress in the following areas after 5 weeks:

  • Read 4 digit numbers confidently (some moved on to 5 digit numbers!)
  • Write 4 digit numbers from words to digits and vice versa
  • Recognise how many 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s there are in a 4 digit number
  • Bonds to 100
  • Round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 for 5 digit numbers

Please continue to practice these skills. This will certainly help you gain in other areas of maths. It was great having you in these 5 weeks. Lovely to see you all gain and made progress. Very proud. 

Write down what you enjoyed about this club and what have you learnt. 

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