Alina Hussain’s Day in Year 6!


This is the life of me in year 6 Red!!   :)   :)    :)

See if we do something different to you or the same.

Pick up on things we could improve.



Basic Skills Time!  We were doing handwriting practise. We were practising doing contractions by making sure our lower case letters were right. In my opinion it was really easy getting LO Secure (which is like LO achieved).

IMGP3530 IMGP3535  IMGP3537


I then swapped classes to do maths. Me and my group go to miss Sahin’s class to have harder maths. I wrote down on a whiteboard words we need to remember for fraction working and write down the definition for the starter. We had 3 teachers for that day ; Mr Patel, Ms Sahin and Mrs Janjua. For my activity I created an how to video to show younger people how to order fractions.

IMGP3538 IMGP3540 IMGP3542



Its Science time and we return back into our classroom. I learnt what fossils help archaeologists and scientists do. They help them tell what happened millions of years ago. Do you know what a fossil could be? We researched what an Archaeopteryx is and put in on the blog.

IMGP3544 IMGP3546 IMGP3547




This is an Archaeopteryx.            We planned out our information in our rough books.     It was time for tuck and I bought myself some milk.

IMGP3548 IMGP3549 IMGP3551



For English I sorted things into formal and informal. This was a grammar lesson.

IMGP3559 IMGP3562


Then I had the best lunch ever. It was sooo delicious and yummy. What did you think of your food today? Thumbs up or Thumbs  down.   I had a really nice lunch time. In my lunch was Lovely garlic potatoes, Peas and sweet corn and a yummy fish.For pudding I had great custard creamies. Me and friend played on a lot of equipment.Until Angie rang the bell. I felt soo sad that lunch went really quick.

IMGP3563 IMGP3568 IMGP3569 IMGP3571 IMGP3572


After lunch we had Topic. We caught up with our learning journey about Mountains. We explained how Dome, Volcanic and Fold mountains are formed. We showed diagrams as well. I love learning about Topic. Do you?

IMGP3576      IMGP3603      IMGP3601


After Topic we read a little bit of our novel Room 13 for 15 minutes.We all take turns reading it.



I got picked out to meet Mrs Maceere again. It was so nice to meet her after all this time. We talked about my readind diary and how many questions we had answered. Do you answer your diary questions?




Athony will be dong it next week. Would you like to know anything.

:)    :)     :)

By Alina Hussain

51 thoughts on “Alina Hussain’s Day in Year 6!

  1. How did you get all of thoses pictures😱😱. Apart from that…….. AMAZING BLOG!!!!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺😇👏👏👏👍👍

  2. Ideas for alina

    Hello, I have some ideas for you and for year 6 class. Maybe you could come and help my class with maths and other subjects this could improve our class.

    Thank you.

  3. This is a fantastic blog Alina. I shared this with my Year 3 class today and they absolutely loved it. We are doing fossils too in Science, maybe you could share your knowledge with them?

  4. Well done Alina. You’ve made a great blog and it was really enjoyable to read about your daily activities. You’ve have shown some good quality work and shown the rest of the school how high expectations are. Keep up your hard work. I look forward to reading other people’s blogs.

  5. We do handwriting to make our presentation really neat for visitors.Reading develops your skills to understand when you could use good ideas in your writing.We review them in our own time. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy Anthony’s one next week.

  6. This was a super recount of the day in the life of? Why are you doing handwriting as clearly you don’t need this unless you link it to new vocabulary or grammar challenges. Do you think you could suggest this. There are a few questions I want to ask?
    How does reading develop your skills and have you made progress?
    When do you review the impact of your maths video and ensure it is supporting others learning?
    Thanks, I enjoyed this blog!

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