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In 3 Red, we have been enjoying learning about plants this half term and so far have made great progress finding about the FUNCTIONS of different parts of the plants. Have a look to see what we’ve been up to!

Make a prediction, what would happen to the plant if we removed the roots?

What is the function of the stem?


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  1. Challenge
    If you remove the roots the roots won’t be able to suck the water and nutrients into the plant and the plant will die and the plant wouldn’t be stable and the plant will fall down because the roots stay in the ground so the plant would be stable.

    The water and nutrients runs up the stem and spreads to the rest of the plant and it holds the flower,stem and leaves

  2. If you remove the roots from a plant it will die

    The functions of a stem are life….. The stem provides support as the plant grows it carries leaves,fruit,and flowers.

  3. Challenge
    If we take of the roots of the plant it would die because then the roots help the plant to survive.

    The function of the stem is getting notification because the roots travel to different parts of the flower and it’s like a lift and the parts the roots travel to are leaves,flower and petals in the flower.

  4. I think it would die if the roots went because sometimes a very strong wind might have taken away the plant.

    The stems function is getting notifications from the root because roots suck water and it travels to the stem for it to travel to each parts of the plants.