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All about Traditional Tales – 2 Red

This half term we are learning about Traditional Tales in English. During the past week we have had a fantastic time taking part in various role play to help inspire our writing. We have been looking at the story from the view point of different characters. Take a look at our video below.

How do you think Mum felt when Jack arrived home with beans instead of money? Why?

Which character do you like best in Jack and the Beanstalk? Why?

Write some expanded noun phrases to describe your favourite character. 


4 thoughts on “All about Traditional Tales – 2 Red

  1. Jack’s mum was angry because Jack sold the cow for beans instead of money.
    I like Jack because he is adventurous.
    Jack wore a small brown jacket, and is very brave.

  2. I think Jack’s mum was furious when she saw that Jack had exchanged the cow for some silly magic beans. This is because they neede some money to buy food. My favourite character is Jack because he is very brave.
    Jack is a brave, clever boy, because he knew that the giant was coming into the castle. The giant was fat, grumpy, because he didn’t know that Jack stole his money. The fellow is strange, weird, because he just gave Jack the magic beans without knowing him.

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