All the Music Videos in One Place!

Here is a playlist of all the music videos from music week. Enjoy!

46 thoughts on “All the Music Videos in One Place!

  1. That was amazing I Like everyones music videos nursery one was a bit boring the res was amazing I love Receptions one I like eye of the tiger and the i;ll be there for you when the rain start to fall that was year 5 music week I Loved every thing all of us tried hard to impress our teachers and make them proud we all tried our hardest and make progress so we all worked hard to make a fantastic song to make sure our music week was great,fantastic,amazing,marvelous we all made our music week good and we never spoil any thing we work hard we all made good fantastic song because we all have great ideas so we worked hard and we did bit of our spectacular teamwork for our music week


  3. I was speechless after I watched all of the videos together. Broad Heath’s Team has worked their socks off to create all these ‘Straight Masterpieces- Uptown funk Year 1’. It seems like we all have ‘The Eye Of The Tiger- Year 6 The Eye Of The Tiger’. :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) THESE MUSIC VIDEOS ARE BREATHTAKING AND AMAZINGLY FLAWLESS!!!!!!

  4. Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching all the children performing in the videos. The videos were brilliant.
    It was great to see the staff joining in and having fun.
    Welldone everyone. We are such a talented bunch.. ☆★☆★

  5. Really proud to see so many happy, confident and lively children having fun and learning so many new skills. Well done, I am bursting with pride.

  6. Amazing! That was so incredible! You could simply see that everyone (including the teachers) put their greatest efforts in to make these awesome videos! :D

  7. The videos are brilliant. All the effort put into them by the children and teachers is clear. A great weeks work with progress being shown in so many ways.
    Well done everyone. :)

  8. WOW!Everyone you all have put much effort into the song and try your best.All the songs were lovely.OF course the oldest one will have the best one .But still it was a good opportunity MUSIC WEEK IS THE BEST!

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