Allocation of Secondary School Places 2018


Allocation of Secondary School Places 2018

The process for the transfer of children from Primary Schools to Secondary Schools in September 2018 begins on 1 September 2017.

We are encouraging more parents to apply online. You will receive a leaflet explaining the procedure.

  • Parents will not be receiving a copy of the booklet “Secondary Education in Coventry 2018”. However, if parents require a copy of the booklet, a copy is held on the Coventry City website, the address is included in the leaflet to parents. Alternatively, copies are available from the Customer Service Centre, Broadgate House or by emailing the to request a copy.
  • For those parents who do not have access to their own computers to enable them to make an online application, we at Broad Heath Primary School are offering COFFEE AM/PM sessions on WEDNESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 2017 AT 9.00AM AND 2.00PM to use the computer facilities at school with support from Mrs Rullay and Miss Preston.

IS 31 OCTOBER 2017

  • Please note that the law requires parents/carers to have six weeks in which to consider their choice of school, not including school holidays.

Children of parents/carers who fail to submit an application by the closing date will not be included in the initial allocation of places and the school(s) they have requested may be full with requests from parents/carers who did meet the deadline.

  • All parents/carers will be notified by the Admissions and Benefits Team if their application has been successful, by letter posted 2nd class on 1 March 2018 or, if they have applied online, by email on 1 March 2018.

You will appreciate that a change of address may affect the offer of a school place.

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