Alma – Descriptive writing

This week, we have looked at descriptive writing and how to make our writing interesting and imaginative to the audience. We created our own figurative phrases to use to describe the opening scene of a short animation, Alma. 

We experimented with adjectives and adverbs to see how it changed the style and impact for the reader. Here are some of our examples we created today.

Next week, we will have written our own stories and this will be shared on our class blog.

Have a look at the extract below. What do we like about it and why? 

Create some your own descriptive phrases. Be imaginative!

Peacefully, the crisp, white snowflakes tumbled towards the earth, atop of the sleepy Barcelona suburb, blown by a blustery wind, which whistled through the labyrinth of dark alleys and huddled houses. Alma tried her best to dart and dodge in between each flake, causing her to bounce all over the cobbled path. Her pale pink gilet was the colour of her rosy cheeks and her small button nose, which had been exposed to the chilly weather for just a few minutes too long. Rested on her head, sat a grey bobble hat – warm and snug. This young girl had not a care in the world as her arms waved about playfully as she continued to skip through the cascading snow.

6 thoughts on “Alma – Descriptive writing

  1. I like how it has used different words at the start of the sentence instead of using “the” over and over again. I think the genre of Alma is horror because she gets trapped in a doll and so do all of the children/teenagers that write their names on the chalkboard.

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