Amazing Addition and Super Subtraction

Hi 1E! You have been so fantastic adding and taking away numbers up to 100 this week. There are lots of exciting games you can play where you can use the skills we have learnt to do fun maths at home too!

Visit maths playground and have a go at these games at home, just click on

These are some of the games you can play!


100maths monster




Can you write some of the problems you have solved?

How did you work them out?

4 thoughts on “Amazing Addition and Super Subtraction

  1. I solved some addition and subtraction problems like 10-3=7 and 12+5=17. I used my fingers and the 100 square numbers to find the answers.

  2. I had fun in solving these math games.
    I solved some addition problems like 10+12=22 & 10+7=17 using my own brain & with the help of 100 square.

  3. You have worked very hard this week, well done, you make Miss Sargent and me so happy when you work hard. Come on 1E, I want to see some answers to the questions so I can give stickers out. These maths games are so much fun, I love playing them at home.

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