Amazing Bodies.

In year 3 your science topic is Amazing Bodies.

You have been learning all about our amazing bodies, how they work and what they need to work.

Display science

Here is a picture of our science display in our classroom.

Have a go at answering  these questions.

 What information have you learnt so far?

Which key vocabulary can you remember? List as many as you can.

What is a healthy balanced diet?

What types of foods do we need to have a healthy diet?

Can you name any of the bones that builds up a skeleton  of a human?

Do animals have the same amount of bones as humans?

So many question; who can answer them?

6 thoughts on “Amazing Bodies.

  1. My hypothesis was correct because children in our class with short legs can run faster than childen with long legs

    Everyone racing at the same time for the same amount and length of time

    Use the same length legs

    Use the whole class legs

  2. 1.I have learnt that the Femur is the longest bone.
    Spinal Column,
    Hip Cage
    3.A healthy balanced diet is like the right amount of healthy things you need.
    4.We need the right amount of vitamins, fruit and veg`s.
    5.We have a Femur, joints and muscles to build up our body.
    6.I don`t think that animals have the same amount of bones.

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