Amazing News!

Shivani’s mum shared some wonderful news (and some photographs) with school today and we all thought it was well deserved.

Shivani entered a competition run by the Rialto Plaza. Shivani won first prize and the comment was “We loved your creativity and NHS workers theme!”

You have made us all feel proud!

20 thoughts on “Amazing News!

  1. Shivani I can honestly say that I am extremely proud of you! Each day you go above and beyond of what is expected from you both inside and outside of the classroom. Well done for winning the competition… you are an inspirational to us all. Congratulations from us all at Broad Heath!

  2. I was so proud of Shivani when she told me this the other day!! You are a credit to BH and 6B! You are proving that anything is possible! Well done for being such a positive influence and spreading a great message through your poster. Enjoy your new laptop! 🙌🏽

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