An incredible day in 4 White!


Yesterday was a very enjoyable day working with you all. We thought about how we are going to make next year incredible and creating a wonderful classroom entrance display to showcase our manta.

Our mantra: Achieve the incredible dream.

What does our mantra mean? What is your incredible dream for Year 4?

In the afternoon we played team building games. How will you make sure our team is incredible next year?



17 thoughts on “An incredible day in 4 White!

  1. Our mantra means we have to try to achive our incredible dream. My incredible dream is to know all of my time table. I will make my team incredible by helping each other.

  2. I can’t balive my self be as it was amazing we don the writing about year4and how your unproven my target and with miss Jones we made asheyold and the Utah groove clod and writ a sentences had

  3. 1. it means try what you wish for.
    2.i whould like to achieve my handwriting to get a handwriting pen.
    3.try to be the best that i can be,kind and help full

  4. Are mantra means that we should try hard to achieve are incredible dream and do it.

    My incredible dream is to become a Artist or Author.

    By trying

  5. 1. Our mantra means we want to achieve the incredible dream.
    2.My incredible dream is i want to improve my handwriting. and my one is to improve on my maths.
    from Suleman and Tameem

  6. year 4 achieve the incredible dream
    Our class mantra makes us achieve what we are not really well at.
    My incredible dream is to achieve my targets in yr 4 and to know my times tables before yr 6.

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