Analysing Screen Shots from “Up”

Good Morning Year 5 – here is your task for literacy this morning:

Below are a series of photos from the short clip of “Up” you just watched. They have been numbered. You need to look carefully at the photos and use a comment to annotate them – make sure you write the number of the photo you are commenting on.

You need to annotate the photos with some of the key film features we have looked at and say HOW they are used. 


What is the camera angle?       What is the composition?

How is brightness used?            How is colour used?

How are the characters portrayed?

Remember your key question: Why has the director chosen to do this?

Write in detail, there are only 6 photos, so you have time to look at them in depth. 

EXTENSION: Compare the photos – what is different between the photos and why? 





5) This is a moving image, but look at it like you would a photo please!


Now complete the extension if you haven’t done so already…

31 thoughts on “Analysing Screen Shots from “Up”

  1. Photo one .

    The camera angle is mainly focusing on the man and the woman (the couple).
    The brightness level represents the emotion “happiness” as one of the main emotion of the scenes.
    The colours are mainly on the house but is also focusing on the couple

    By Tyrese, Danyaal and Saif B)

  2. The camera angle for the first picture is positioned at the top facing downwards. Brightness of the picture is really colourful. It has different shades and light.
    The characters are portrayed in a triangular shape really close together almost in a heart shape.The composition is based on the 2 couple looking up at the clouds.
    The colour is used great fully and has use nearly every colour. By lee and sara

  3. 1) The camera angle is above Carl and Ellie,it shows that they are talking to each other with love.
    2) It is bright because it is showing the emotion of love.
    3) It’s showing the shadows of the trees which gives shade to Carl and Ellie.
    4) The colour is bright showing love.

    By Siyaad and Anthony

  4. 1:The camera is above them and quite close.The brightness is used by light on them and the shed of the trees up above them.The characters are portrayed by them lying on the floor together.

    The colours are bright happiness and love. They have also used the bright colours to show emotion.

    The characters are portrayed by having them faced diagonally to show a sign of love.

    The pictures are arranged by at the start its happiness but as they grow old its gets sadder and sadder.

    They have used the colours by when it is happy moments its bright colours but when it’s sad moments their dull colours

  5. The camera angle is close to them because they love each other. The colours are bright because at that moment they are having a happy life .They are using bright colours to show that they are not having a miserable life.The design is showing that they having fun.

  6. 1)The camera angle is from above to show there faces.Also it is known as a birds eye view from above.They are holding hands to show there relationship.The colours are bright because they are young and happy with there relationship.The composition is very clear because they are joyful.

  7. 1)The camera angle shows only the man and wife looking up at the clouds.The colours show happy emotions because they are bright colours.

  8. 3)The camera angle is that they are showing more of a clearer picture of them with there bright future. The brightness was used when something sad happened during the scenes. They were portraited when they knew there baby had past away.

  9. 1
    The camera angel is from above because it was the moment of their relationship in the spotlight.The composition is the man and the lady have arrange themselves in the shape of the triangle.The brightness is the light shining at the different parts of the scene to make it look like different affects.There are different colours and tones used to put an affect on the viewer.The characters are portrayed with good 3D graphics.

  10. Picture 6
    1)The camera angle is close up because they love each other.
    2)The brightness is bright because there happy with spending time together.
    3)The colours are bright because they love each other.
    4)The composition is used by the camera doing a close up showing they help each other which means that they love each other.
    5)The characters are together so they love each other.

  11. The camera angle is up close to show the love and happiness.The composition is the people are close because they love each other.The picture is bright because it is a happy moment.The colours are eye catching and bright.picture 1

  12. 6) The photo is joyous and loving. It is bright and colourful.It has bright colours such as pink and blue.The camera angle is close up.I think the director choose to do this because the scene was loving . And it was about being together cause it wasnt a painful scene.

  13. The camera is close to them and it show both of them together.It is very bright because they are having a picnic and they are in a joyful moment.They also show tree shadow so they don’t really hot.They are portraited diagonal because they can both look at different cloud animals and tell what they are like instead of saying about just one animal.

  14. 1.The colours in the first picture are very bright but at the top is very dull because of the trees shade this shows that they are very joyful.The camera angle is over them to show you that they how they feel.

  15. 1:The camera angles is close up because they are having a happy moment
    Together.It is very bright because they are together.they have used vivid colours because they are in a fortunate scene.The composition is that they are in the middle of the scene.The character are portrate buy looking up
    In the sky looking at the clouds.

    6:The camera angles is close up because they are working together and they are having fun.It is very bright because they are married and they are feeling delighted.They have used vivid colours because they are happy.

  16. 1. The colour which is used is bright ,sunny ,great and colourful. The camera angle is above the character. The brightness is light. In this picture the lady and man lying down and looking up in the sky.

    6. The brightness is really clear. The colour are sunny and calm.

  17. 1-
    The amount of brightness is a lot. I think it is like this because it is a happy moment . The only dark part of the shot is where the shadow is of the tree.

    Camera angle:
    The camera angle is on there faces . It is on there faces because there smiles. It will also show that they are cheerful.

    The colours are bright. They are bright because it is a happy scene

    How are the character portrayed:
    The old man portrayed his self as a bland but happy person.

  18. 1}The picture is arranged to show that the emotions in this part of the scene are serene and peaceful .The director has also shown this by making Carl’s eyes widen and make Ellie look like she’s enjoying herself.The colour in Ellie’s dress shows hope and spirit.The colour also shows that it’s a sunny day.

  19. 6)
    It is very bright in this scene because this is a very gleeful moment for Carl and Ellie. Surrounding them is lots of eye- catching colours such as: green, pink, yellow,
    Blue, brown and white. The camera angle is catching both Carl’s and Ellie’s faces to show that they both love each other and they wrote ther name on ther post-box to remember each other

  20. (Picture 3)Camera angle:
    The camera angle is quite close ,because its a happy moment
    and it’s for all of us to enjoy.
    The colours are bright and not dull , because it’s a loving scene
    and it is a peaceful moment.

  21. 1)This camera angle is close up,because they are trying to tell the viewer that it is a very happy moment.It looks like they are free from their house.The colour is bright,because it is happy.The characters are positioned diagonally,because it is representing love.At the next part,the camera angle is pointing upwards.

    6)The camera is close up,because the viewer is trying to tell you that it is a happy moment like the first one I done.It is bright,because it is telling you it is a joyful moment.The composition is love.The photo is positioned diagonally.

  22. 6: the camer angle is level with the people.ThisEffects the clip because it is not in a threatening position.The colours are bright and spirited.

  23. 1) The camera angle is facing down at the Carl and Ellie showing the joyful and exciting times they have had together . Surrounding them are fresh green wavy grass which the coulor is showing that they are having an exciting and peaceful time Together . There heads are basically touching each other showing a shape of love heart showing the person who is watching that it is a loving time. The colour is very bright the background showing joyfull again and the coulor that they were wearing very vibrant and very actractive.

    Rayne and Mehrish

  24. 1)
    The camera angle is directed from the top.The director has used this to show them together and it shows the audience that they are together and love each other.The position of the husband and the wife is together this shows they have a tight relationship.The colour is bright and vivid this shows the audience that they are cheerful, positive and they are loved.The old man has portrayed himself as colourless, rigid and boring however he is positive,delightful and he might feel as if he is in heaven.The composition of the scene is that the grass is behind them and they have a camera beside them and they have a blanket on the floor which they laid on to see the clouds.

  25. Number 6

    The camera angle in picture 6 is really close because the director wants to display their love❤️. The colours are very vibrant because it is a really joyous moment. The brightness level is high because they love❤️ each other and it is a really happy moment. They are spending time together to make their house. Their house is in the background and it is really colourful because the director is trying to tell the viewer that they made the house together. The letterbox with they names on it displays that they are together and in love❤️.

  26. Number 6:
    The colour is trying to make you fell really jubilant (happy.)
    The contrast is really bright, it is trying to make you fell gleeful for there marriage.
    The colour is used really well,the colour is bright.
    The portrayed is trying to get through that they are a happy couple.

  27. The camera angle in number 6 is really close because it is a fun moment for them to.I think the brightness is really good because there both having a good time so the brightness should be bright because of the fun time there having.

  28. 1) The camera angle is above them so you can get a clearer image of them both together. The brightness is really bright because, it is a very cheerful scene and they are very happy together. The characters are portraited together lying on a picnic blanket and they have a food basket next to them so they are probably going to have a picnic. There is very happy colours like yellow and orange and that shows the emotion.

  29. The director is trying to show how they are feeling the man and lady feel lucky because they have eachother and they love each other and they love each other . Number 3.

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