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  1. I think it also means not making fun of other people skin colour and respect other people and their opinions.
    For example:searh for new fire dogs at london fire Brigade
    Bad citizenship shown: Criminals delibrately set fires to building and that can get people injured which is not good.
    Good citizenship shown:A small team of fire dogs help investigate burnt building by sniffing out clues of how the fire started.They might find the criminals who started it and they will be punished for their bad citizenship.

    • Further evidence that you are a great Broad Heath citizen and are able to see both sides of an issue. You have secured your learning.

  2. Headline:
    RSPCA appeal for information after a dog was found in a canal
    What the article is about?
    The article is about a dog which was found in a canal. The dog had a block of wood between his teeth which had stopped him from breathing. They now want information from any witnesses that were currently there.
    Positive Citizenship: The positive citizenship is that the RSPCA rescued the dead dog and tried to make it alive.
    Negative Citizenship: The negative citizenship is that whoever done is committing abuse to animals.

    I think being a good citizen means to show respect to each other, to be kind, listen to peoples ideas, don’t be selfish and don’t put your ideas in front of others.

    • What an awful story, I can not believe that such a cruel act was committed. It saddens me that people can be so heartless. I am however glad that the children of Broad Heath are such wonderful role models for each other.

  3. I think being a good citizen is when you put other people points in front of you and don’t just think about you’re self and this is shown through self respect and teamwork.

  4. I think being a good citizen mean to be selfless don’t only think about yourself think about others and it also mean being kind toward other people.It means working as a team and being a good role model.

  5. I think being a good citizen means to be selfless not selfish. Selfless means to put others needs informing of your own. Selfish means to only care about yourself.

    I am a good Broad heath citizen because I am selfless towards people.

  6. Listening to you all makes me feel very proud. cItizenship is about lots of things but whether it works is the will of the people. I am proud that I have students who are great BH citizens. You wear your uniform with pride, you follow our rules and you respect and care for people and things. I am pleased that you are debating because people do have different opinions but the power of the word is more important than anything else. Learn and gain many!

  7. Headline:All smiles!
    What is the article about?
    The article is about a baby orangutan[Gito] showing signs of recovery , after he was rescued found left to starve in a box in Borneo.
    Positive citizenship:The positive thing is that he was rescued by the International Animal Rescue.
    Negative citizenship:The negative thing about this is that he was left to die by some ungrateful person and that he wasn’t cared for appropriately.

    • You have found a great example of how the negative behaviour of some individuals could have led tohorrific consequences. I am so relieved that the behaviour of the rescuers had positive results.

  8. i think being a good citizen is to care for each other and show respect and kindness to one another.This can actually help the community ; everyone can help and be respectful to everyone including teachers , parents and elders.

    BY HALIMA!!!!!!!

  9. Paris Attack:
    In the Paris attack I think that the bad people are the IS because they are the ones trying to make worse and worse attacks in Europeon countries such as France.However the good and positive people are the France and the Europeon people because they are innocent and they have not tried to harm other people.Also they are trying to solve it not make it.

    put other people in front of you dont always think about yourself that is selfish and at broad heath we work as a time and never always say I .

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