Ancient Egypt Topic Week in 3Red

3 Red have really enjoyed finding out all about the Ancient Egyptians this week.  We plotted a timeline to see exactly how long ago they lived, found out all about the River Nile and how important it was to the people who lived near it, discovered the many gods they worshipped and, best of all, explored the gruesome details of the process of mummification!  Today we talked about the pharaoh Tutankhamun and how his tomb was discovered by the archaeologist Howard Carter, acting out the moment when the tomb was discovered by a waterboy.

What has been your favourite part of the week and why?

Can you tell me 5 or more interesting new facts that you have discovered this week about life in Ancient Egypt?imagesCan you remember who this is?  Where would you find this mask?

9 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt Topic Week in 3Red

  1. Tutankham was a king at the age of 9.
    And he died at the age of 18.
    He had a broken leg when he died.
    He had been putted in a mummy.

  2. Tutankhamun started to be king at 9 years old and died at the age 18 he had a broken leg when he died.Some one made mummies because when the mummies were made they would go on their journey to the after life.people in Egypt burie poor people in sand and rich people in Tombs.People live near the river Nile so they can grow lots of plants and food.

  3. I have liked learning about mummys.
    Mummys are put in a tomb.
    They put a death mask.
    The river Nile moves across Egypt.

    IT goes all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.
    It can go to the red sea.

  4. My favourite part of the week is Egyptian Costume Day because it is really fun and there is more than 2000 Muslims in Egypt and I’m a Muslim.

  5. T. Died at the age of 18 and was a king at the age of 9.And.And was turned in to a
    mummi and all of the body parts were took out in sept for the heart.

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